17849 ross tech cable

images 17849 ross tech cable

Cobra88Aug 6, For example, enter to do -1l adjustment. What the aftermarket has found is that high HP applications can run into fuel delivery problems with dirty fuel filters. If you ever have read the repair manual, you probably appreciate it 1. It may take several minutes to obtain result of diagnosis. If the sensor is bad, it will also respond slowly, or reach a peak. It has a prescribed set of values maps for a given RPM, Load, etc. Turbo inlet pipe not secured, DV line leaking, Crank case breather Y pipe split, Line on Fuel pressure regulator gets worn and leaks, intake manifold gasket can leak, and PCV line under intake manifold leaks. That is what i meant about numptys, they seem to take an age to explain things, but have had some good stuff from their in the past. Carrell Peter N.

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    This category lists Fault Codes or Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's), which are yet documented with possible symptoms, causes, and solutions. Additional. Most VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda gasoline engines with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (​EGR). Prerequisites (General). Ignition ON; Engine OFF; Battery voltage at least​. For sale is a genuine Ross-Tech Hex-Can USB cable. It works perfectly.

    Genuine RossTech HexCan USB vcds vagcom Cable Unlimited VIN — Midwest VW

    Unlimited VINs. Ross-Tech's new cables are locked to 3 or 10 VINs, while the one I am.
    Short to Ground Knock Sensor 3 Circ. Have a nice evening and thanks again rgds Bryan. Flow too Low Fuel Inj.

    images 17849 ross tech cable

    Fuel,Bank1 System too Rich The car was stood for around 2 month and once started and on the road going up a hill it seemed to back off like the turbo had gone.

    images 17849 ross tech cable
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    The software coding can simply be entered and decoded visually with a clever program called BaseCode, available on Kev's site.

    Video: 17849 ross tech cable How to Scan for Codes with VCDS, Vag-Com and Ross-Tech

    Enter the Basic Settings block So far, no specific information is available. Short to Ground Reversing Light Circ. Let me know how you get on Sign up for a new account in our community.

    VCDS error code OBD Scanners. My friend has a hex-can cable from ross-tech, so i bought it from him and tried to do a auto scan, but.

    Audi TT Tweaks Turbocharger Throttle

    When I scanned witht the vagcom I got the following codes. - EGR Valve (N18): Open Circuit or Short to Ground it would not let me clear the codes so I checked the grounds under the battery and the battery cables. VAG-COM is the diagnostics software for the Volkswagen-Audi Group cars. The cheapest option is the get a VAG-COM compatible cable from a third party, and to download an older P EGR Valve Circ Open/Short to Ground.
    On a car with a larger turbo the airflow is so high that the MAF element will get burned out from the excess air flow.

    Damian should be sending me the live data soon aswel so that will be good to look at.

    images 17849 ross tech cable

    This gives some information but some of the measurements really need to be done with the car being driven. No sign of catching at all. You may also want to observe the temps througout a 3rd gear wide open throttle WOT run, to see if the temps remain cool and stable.

    Diesel fuel pump on '51 TDI Skoda Octavia Mk I BRISKODA

    And yet you post here, week after week, expecting someone on the other end of a computer to magically work out whats wrong with your car, when your making no effort to actually help yourself.

    images 17849 ross tech cable
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    Couldnt scan on Vag - Com as my mates lead had broken, hopefully will get on it this weekend.

    For example, enter to do -1l adjustment. Depending on the result, I have to decide whether to get it fixed or call it day. There are 2 kinds of immobilizer. Any one got any further ideas on this?

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    1. A tool for fixing the accelerator pedal position could be handy. The value in field 2 is the post-cat lambda probe output voltage, with range of 0.

    2. Peter PS once you get a bit of air in the system on these engines they are an absolute pig to start so if you drain the filter make sure you refill it with diesel before you try to start it or it will just turn over forever, although you can bleed them by backing off the nuts on top of the injectors and spinning it over This will also give you an idea if you are getting any diesel up to the injectors. Brake Switch Circ.

    3. It shouldn't wiggle like the one in this video. Timing retard greater than 10KW should make you worried, and is a major player in engine destruction.